International Institute of Social History

Created on Nov 7th, 2017


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IISG researchers according to Wikidata

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Test IISG-kg: checks if a property is present

To check if a property is present in one or all graphs.

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Test IISG-kg: counts basic properties

Shows counts of type and basic properties per graph

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Example query showing the books for a given author, here Douwe Kalma.

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Authorities related to the city of Gouda (based on authority label)

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Classes in IISG Knowledge Graph

This query lists the classes in the IISG Knowledge Graph and counts how much there are of each class

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This is an example query to show how to retrieve recently added web content on the website.

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List the entity labels present in the dataset

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This query retrieves images with metadata from the 2022 IISG Knowledge graph and augments them with entity recognition information (using Yolov8) by Rinske Zandhuis. The query depicts all Ben van Meerendonk images in 1954 depicting a tie.

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Can I tweet the author of a book in the library

Can I tweet the author of a book in the library

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Overview of access types in IISG Collection (including count)

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Items related to Peter Alma

A query retrieving some image material related to Peter Alma from the IISG knowledge graph

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Labourconflicts: Top 20 largest strikes

Als je op tabel klikt kun je de staking waar je naar op zoek bent opzoeken in de Item lijst. Als je daar op de link klikt, krijg je meer informatie over de betreffende staking.

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