International Institute of Social History

IISGCreated on Nov 7th, 2017

This dataset is based on the images in the collection of the IISH marked "Amsterdam". It contains metadata on the objects in the collection, like photo's and posters. For AdamLink they are linked to other cultural heritage objects in Amsterdam by means of AdamLink uri's for streets, buildings, districts and persons.

The International Institute of Social History (IISH) is one of the world's foremost research institutions in the field of social history. The institute investigates how labour and labour relations develop globally in the long term. To this end, the institute collects archives and data on a global scale. This dataset brings together archives, library, audiovisual material and research datasets.

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This is a DEPRECATED DEMO Linked Data version of the ANDB dataset. The vocabulary for this dataset is displayed in this image.

This file contains the version 1.31 of HISCAM

This dataset contains community coded occupations (e.g. in HISCO) along with the HISCO and HISCAM scales for quick reference of those values.

Connection between iisg dataset and the cshapes dataset.

This dataset contains all the diamond workers found in the Occupational Census of 1899.

This dataset contains all the diamond workers found in the Occupational Census of 1889.

Concept list of diamonds as produced in the DBCCC project.

Final version of the OpenGazAm project Database

Leviticus Database

CLARIAH Project Diamonds in Borneo: Concepts as Commodities in Context

Place Names in Borneo

Collection of images from the beeldbank "concerning Amsterdam".

Links between beeldbank items and AdamLink streets