HISGIS Location Points Amsterdam 1860-1909

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Update 2022-01-30. We stopped the service on this data. You can still download the graph data (go to Graphs in the left panel). For new release of Amsterdam Historical GIS data, please visit the Adamlink website or Adamnet.

Like any other city, the city of Amsterdam has had many address changes in the past. A particular building, might have been split into two apartments, a block of houses taken down and build anew, streets names changes, to honour a new local here. This makes it very hard to pinpoint an exact geo-location, for an address registered at a historical document.

This dataset provides a mapping for all addresses in the centre of Amsterdam for the period 1860-1909. This includes changes in streetnames, house numbers and house numbers additions (e.g. '217d'). With this dataset it is not only possible to pinpoint addresses correctly over time, but to also study within city-migration patterns accurately.