Amsterdam Time Machine Demonstration

Created 4 months ago
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Results from the Amsterdam Time Machine CLARIAH pilot. To read more on the ATM itself, please visit Resources used are mainly available via github. For details and exceptions see below.

Overview of datasets:

  • import of -> all p1223*.ttl files
  • import of Druid:NLGIS/HISGIS location points
  • import of Druid:IISG/HISCO
  • import of Druiod:IISG/HISCAM
  • import of p1223a_standardization.ttl via Ivo Zandhuis
  • import of p1223b_standardization.ttl via Ivo Zandhuis
  • import of cinemadata_overzicht.csv.ttl via Ivo Zandhuis (now available via
  • import of adamlinkbuurten.ttl (districts)
  • import of volkstelling1859.ttl
  • import of volkstelling1859_buurtlinks.ttl #links volkstelling with adamlink buurten
  • import of volkstelling1889.ttl
  • import of volkstelling1889_buurtlinks.ttl #links volkstelling with adamlink buurten
  • import of atm_lexgraph26Feb2019.ttl from #lex info on dialects
  • import of ndb-sample-amsterdam.csv.nq from # link audio to dialect regions