Lippische Ziegler

Archival material

The materials derived for the Lippische Ziegler project are described as an IISH Collection: If you click on the tab 'content list' you'll be able to view all records within the collection. Each record consists of multiple scan, that you can can view by clicking 'online access'. To search through the archival materials go to the tab 'search in text' and enter text.

Search example in archival material

If you search for the string 'lohn' in the 'search in text' tab described above, the first results mentions:

  • Found on page 675 for item 4 :
    • Bauerschaft 165 Lohne Hellmann Adolph Filges Meister Assemissen 165 Lohne Hellmann Fritz

To view this text on the original scan, click on 'item 4' which will bring you to the content list tab. There click 'online access' below item 4, which will open a new page or tab with a viewer of all scans in 'item 4'. On top of the page it reads: "Image 1 of 900". Change '1' into 675 and you'll end up at the right scan. Use zoom and arrow buttons to navigate the page in more detail.

Caveat: sometimes the numbering of the page is off by 1-3 pages!


There are two databases based on this archival material. One is the transcribed text from the source mentioned above: The other is the database build by Lucassen & Lourens: .

Wish list

In this day and age of Linked Data it would be great to make two improvements to the materials described above. One is to directly link the scans with the transcribed texts. I have done that here below for some of the scans. You can search for a text and then directly visit the right 'page' scan.

The issue to do it for all of the scans is that the numbering of lines in the excel files with transcribed text, don't line up 1-on-1 with the folio's (scans). Sometimes they are off by 1 or 2 pages. Thus it requires a manual process of linking several hundred folios to the excel lines.

A second issue is that the excel files actually contain tables within rows. It would be very neat to distill those tables in order to present texts more conveniently to the human eye.

Another wish with regard to Linked Data is to transpose the database by Lucassen en Lourens to Linked Data and then link persons from that database to the scans (and transcribed texts in the excel files). This way, a persons name appearing on the scan would be linked to his entire life course as available in the Lucassen and Lourens database.

Obviously such wishes require resources, not just monetary, but also actual 'hands' to do the work. I'm afraid that currently both are a scarce commodity.

Further reading

More details on the Lippische Ziegler project can be found on: including links to Landesarchiv Nordrhein-Westfalen (LAV NRW), Abteilung Ostwestfalen-Lippe, in Detmold holding the original archival materials.