Spatial Humanities Netherlands (NLGIS)

Created on Mar 16th, 2018

At the 2019 DHBenelux a group of 11 Dutch institutes presented themselves as the Spatial Humanities Netherlands network. The network's partners bring a range of datasets, methods and services and over time the network aims to align these modules to both national and international initiatives. This repository of Linked Datasets is a first step in that direction.


Municipalities, date of existence and usurper

What municipalities exist(ed) in the Netherlands and if they ceased to exist, by what municipality were they absorbed?

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Provides the historical variants of a given address. E.g. 'Prinsengracht 73', used to be three houses: Neighbourhood M, numbers 150,151,152

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List all predicates and how often they occur

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All municipalities with a name and geometry, and if available start/end date cbs/amco

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Jaren waarin de geometrie voor Aalsmeer is ingewonnen.

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Deze bevraging is een uitbreiding van gemeenten-tussen-1970-en-1980, waarbij de meest recente geometrie wordt teruggegeven die voor 1 januari 1980 in gemeten, alsook de Amsterdamse code (AMCO) en de CBS code.

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Nederlandse gemeenten met hun begin- en einddatum.

Gemeenten die in 2019 nog steeds bestaan hebben geen einddatum.

Als de begindatum van een gemeente niet bekend is wordt de datum gebruikt waarop de oudst bekende geometrie van die gemeente is ingewonnen.

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Geef de Nederlandse gemeenten die tussen 1970 en 1980 bestaan hebben.

Deze bevraging is gebaseerd op gemeenten-begin-en-einddatum, waarbij begin- en einddatum binnen de range [1970-01-01,1980-01-01) liggen.

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provide all municipalities between 1980 until and including 1981

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Create to retrieve data in required whgazetteer format

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How to select a country starting with the letter "N" that only originated after 1990

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Selection of mint houses on the map, with information labels

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Provide the sources used for a specific mint house .

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Retrieve the mint areas in the data

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