Created on Jun 11th, 2021

CLARIAH-VL will implement a modular research infrastructure embedding high-quality, user-friendly tools and resources into the workflows of humanities researchers in the five focus areas of linguistics; literature; socio-economic history; media studies; ancient history and archaeology. CLARIAH-VL aims to provide sustainable services, while fostering experimental development and innovation.


The Ghent Gazetteer is an ongoing project to create an urban gazetteer for the historical city of Ghent. The ambition is to create a linked open database of historical places for Ghent, similar to projects such as Adamlink and Gouda Tijdmachine. The underlying data are provided as csv files via:

TIC-Collaborative is a collaborative digital humanities project, focusing on transnational intellectual cooperation (TIC) in the long nineteenth century, in particular on transnational connections in the field of social reform. The underlying data are provided as csv files via: